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Reformed Church and Congregation Home of Csömör

Zoltán Berzsák, László Nyikos, Katalin Konyha, Noémi Rácz, Csintalan Csongor



Photographs of József Hajdú and Tamás Füle

The majority of the Reformed people of Csömör moved to the settlement near Budapest from across the border. In 2013 they decided to build a church and a congregational home for the growing community.

The Church is located close to the centre of the village, bordered by the cemetery and the railway. By its installation and massing, we tried to make the building complex a dominant element of the settlement's landscape, a modern reinterpretation of our Reformed traditions, a church that would give the people of the area the image and feel of the settlements they left behind. The low wall surrounding the complex is a symbolic yet important sign of the separation between the profane and the sacred. It surrounds and protects the 'seeds' that grow within it, the church or parish building. The ceiling is made from photographs of nine painted cassettes of the nine ancient churches where the members of the congregation originated.
The unadorned, white walls are purist in the Reformed tradition, the play of lights constantly transforming and transforming the space.

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