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Weöres Sándor Theatre,
competition for architectural and urban planning ideas

Zoltán Berzsák, Csaba Mravik, Balázs Egri, Barna Mátis



The paradox of constants and variables. Elasticity and fixed points.
What do we need? Corners? Handholds? Or rather a pulse: new, fresh, different? Or even more: turning points?

We are looking for answers:
how an urban space can be in the same place and yet be completely different,
how a façade can be different every day or every hour while remaining the same,
how a stage and an auditorium can always be different while we are in the same place,
how a room can be decorated in any way,

Now there is theatre. A theatre building: a paradox of constants and variables. We are the son and daughter of the dwarf king. Build us walls of fog. A grand concept. Linking the building and the undignified urban park. The park is the foreground of the theatre, so we decided to demolish the existing buildings with poor condition and structure. The park runs into the lobby of the building, blurring the boundary between the two worlds. This is reinforced by the building's cube-shaped form, dominated by a single material - copper - whose use of mesh, openwork and solids creates separate layers. The side facade of the building is placed on the urban axis. A large projection screen allows the pedestrian promenade to enter into the life of the cultural center.

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