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Parish Church of the Celestial Queen​​

Zoltán Berzsák, Katalin Konyha,

Andrea Stanisewszki



Photographs of Albertszki

In the main square of Újpest, on Szent István Square, in an eclectic building built in the 1870s, the Roman Catholic parish of the Queen of Egek has been given a new location. Thanks to an exchange agreement with the local government, the building of the former Erkel Ferenc Music School was transformed into the home of the congregation's community events and gatherings.

The "U" shaped building, with an inner courtyard and a circular corridor, has little traces of its façade decoration, and the
the circular corridors and the rooms leading from the outside were in need of renovation. We sought to recover and restore the existing building to its original condition, and to enclose the building's now-closed circulation system. The reconstruction was designed on the basis of contemporary photographs, the latter intervention being based on two cross-wings with a modern tone, which were designed to be fully transparent and permeable at ground level, both visually and functionally. The functions of the rooms are based on the density of use, and the use of materials and colors has been deliberately restrained to reflect the many ecclesiastical "heritages". The most important aspect of community building is its impact on the community (including its usability, practicality and the message it conveys to its immediate and wider environment.)

While we have tried to restore the old parts of the building to their original state, the new parts have been given a modern character. The modern building elements are designed to give added value,
in their simplicity, they promote contemplation and emphasize the solemnity of a transcendent relationship. The formerly open building becomes physically enclosed but remains open in effect. The gardens become an integral part of the interiors, not only in sight but also in use. It is hoped that the community will enjoy them.

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