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Swimming Facility of Bicske and
it's expansion

Zoltán Berzsák, Csaba Mravik, Katalin Konyha



The design and construction of the building were carried out within the framework of the school swimming pool program, in cooperation with Kerex Ltd, which was awarded through a tender. A major challenge was that the site is the deepest, swampiest area of Bicske, which was also used as a landfill for a long time.


In the absence of an environmental plan, the design of the building also had to take into account the long-term development of its surroundings. The availability of funds required minimal solutions, which we tried to maximize to the benefit of the building. The interior is dominated by glossy and matt-white finishes, contrasted by the blue of the pools, the green of the hot tubs and the wooden elements.


The swimming pool has been open to the public since 20 August 2009. In 2015, to cope with increased demand, we planned an extension to the pool, including a beach to complement the existing pools, new changing blocks and a water polo pool.

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