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Kindergarten of the Reformed College of Budapest-Fasor

Berzsák Zoltán, Mravik Csaba, Konyha Katalin



The kindergarten of the Reformed parish of Fasor was housed in a large ground floor apartment in a block of flats for a decade. When the school moved out, the Julianna School building in the churchyard, which had been opened in 1926, became vacant. It seemed the obvious choice to create a new home for the kindergarten. However, the building did not seem to be fit for purpose. After much consideration, and with the unconditional trust of the client, we decided to make the building usable for the church, the school and the kindergarten. The ground floor spaces remain shared, the upper floors are used for the nursery functions, and the basement is shared by the youth of the congregation and the nursery school. The original appearance of the building has been retained, with necessary additions of contemporary elements, but with a restraint in keeping with the function of the building and its surroundings.

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