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Budaörs Reformed Congregation Centre

Zoltán Berzsák, Katalin Konyha, Dorottya Szvák, Noémi Rácz, Csongor Csintalan



Photographs of József Hajdú and Zsolt Hlinka

Jesus says:
" Father is the vine-grower, I am the vine, you are the branches..." /John. 15 1,5/

1 John 15:15, 1 Cor 15:15. Budaörs was formerly a vine-growing town, and the verb is linked to both the town and its mission. Grapes carry taste, smell and color. In the main street of the town, next to the Lutheran church, a new Reformed church has been built, which is also the home of the community. The transparent building is a beacon of invitation and openness. Its tower is the same height as the Evangelical church. Its white color symbolizes purity and simplicity, in keeping with our Reformed traditions. The perforated vine pattern on the façade evokes the leitmotif of the congregation, weaving the façade and the tower together.

The street wing of the building is a large vestibule, which is also a café, a tea room, a meeting place, a place of contact, and an opening to the people of the street. From here you can access the various communal areas on the ground floor and the first floor, as well as the churchyard. The building seeks to continue the tradition, not only in the continuation of formal elements but also in the contemporary interpretation and respect of common roots.

"There is for us a true vineyard that gives us life. We are building to proclaim the Saviour, so that as many people as possible may come to know him in Budaörs. With the church, with the congregation center, we want to send a message that we are an inclusive community," says the congregation.

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