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The story of the studio

More than 25 years of experience in the field.

"We founded our office in 1993 with the intention to design according to our own way of thinking and methodology and to participate creatively in creating unique, high-quality buildings, spaces and objects.

Our way of thinking is determined by the need to go beyond the maximum fulfillment of the architectural program we have set ourselves and to ensure that our buildings positively shape their immediate or even wider environment. They should respond to the local, urban, urban landscape, or natural conditions in the same way as to the cultural or social needs of the host or user environment. At the same time, this kind of adaptation should be achieved by means of works of outstanding quality, which are innovative and guiding.
This is what we mean by organic architecture.

Today, environmental awareness is no longer a luxury, but a means of survival. That is why the design of our buildings must be based on the exploration and rational use of usable, recyclable and economical energy.

In our work on monuments, our aim is not only to preserve the values that have been preserved and to show humility towards the past but also to use architectural means to give an added value that goes beyond the reconstruction of form and structure or a one-to-one resemblance, by continuing the quality and spirit of the existing heritage and by giving it a modern formulation. We would like our newly designed buildings to represent the continuity of our cultural values and traditions, in a modern, 'Bartók' sense.

Our creative process is characterized by teamwork, which allows us to think about our ideas from different angles. During our work process, we produced a number of sketches and detailed models.

Architecture has also become a specialized field nowadays, so our design work is mostly done in generic designs. Among our subcontractors, we have developed a structure covering all disciplines (structural engineering, building services, building services, building services, horticulture, fire protection, environmental protection, acoustics, technologies (theatre, kitchen, health, hotel, winery...), swimming pool architecture, external utilities, etc.). We also provide technical consultancy and exhibition architecture. 

We pay particular attention to detail and structural solutions in the design. We have more than 20 years of experience, with a large number of completed buildings of reference value, awards and recognition.
We have compiled a comprehensive selection of these on our website, which I would like to offer you with pleasure."

                                                                                                          - Zoltán Berzsák

Pro Architectura and Nívó award winner lead architect

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